Hailed by Australian news site The Music as, “One wow-worthy performer”, 2018 ARIA nominee Mojo Juju spoke out in August about being labelled as “too queer, too brown, or not attractive enough to sell records”.

But, the Australian-born artist with indigenous Aboriginal (Wiradjuri) and Filipino heritage will be warmly welcomed at her first New Zealand performance on December 1st, at Aum Production’s Eclectic Garden event in Auckland.

“We welcome Mojo Juju here with open arms. Her work is absolutely ground-breaking,” says John Paul Moss, event-organiser and owner/director of New Zealand-owned Aum Productions.

“We’re so excited for people to experience our immersive festival-in-a-day, dance on the grass, gaze at beautiful trees, soak in the colourful people, groove to international and kiwi music, then easily cruise home,” says Moss

Gates open at 1pm to Eclectic Garden’s family-friendly line-up at Corban Estate Art Centre in Henderson, Auckland.

The zero-waste festival will deliver a diverse mix of performances, placing importance on inclusivity of minority cultures, women and LGBTQ artists.

The one-day event, in its second year, will be headlined by kiwi favourites Salmonella Dub in their first Auckland show since 2008.

Garden event-goers will also dance to the beautifully blended sounds of Latinaotearoa, Chi Katana, Rachel Sabin, FERKSTA, Sandy Mill along with world-class laser shows, live sculpture, painting, art and projections.

“We encourage families with children to enjoy an ultra-friendly, safe, inclusive, fun festival with children under 14 able to attend for free”, says Moss. “The grounds are lush and spacious and have shelter, ample parking, accessible facilities, catering and security”.

The relaxed, picnic-style event is prepared to go ahead in any weather with a reserve venue booked. To reduce risk of harm by drink driving, event organisers are promoting use of public transport with train and bus facilities proximal to the venue.