Evolve Education Fires HIV Positive Women

Evolve Education, an early childhood education company, told parents of children the daycare manager was HIV-positive to dispel any “fear” they might have over possible “danger” to their children.

Evolve Education chief executive Mike Finlay was reported as saying this was so the parents were “fully informed of the absolute situation and, if anything, the fact their children aren’t in any particular danger whatsoever. This also was reported as including knocking on their doors at 8pm on a Friday night”.

The women was fired shortly after by Evolve Education for reasons unknown but apparently unrelated to her HIV status.

This move has been widely condemned by Positive Women national coordinator Jane Bruning who said the decision of Learning Adventures child care centre in Cobden to sack the women, was based off ignorance and a lack of education to the risk HIV-positive people pose in the workplace.

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