In one irascible Facebook post on Tuesday night - which Leo Molloy didn't explicitly say he wrote, but was in the distinctive all-caps style seen on his personal Facebook page - he claimed South Korea's outbreak wasn't caused by bars like his, but rather by "gay dungeon bars".

Facebook Homophobic Rant – HeadQuarters Viaduct, Auckland

In a deleted post on Facebook HeadQuarters Viaduct page, a claim was made that South Korea’s outbreak wasn’t caused by bars like his, but rather by “gay dungeon bars”. While we can’t attribute it to Leo Molloy the owner many have noted that it definitely seems to be typical of his style.

Funny that the post is now deleted but of course it is now reported widely.

NZ Herald also reported on the planned opening party this Friday that “Molloy’s guest list was to include Destiny Church’s Brian and Hannah Tamaki, John Tamihere, National MP Nikki Kaye, National deputy leader Paula Bennett and Sir Graham Henry.”

Reading posts on the Bar’s Facebook page shows a history of knowing best through this crisis and this lastest post from their Facebook page says it all:

“I try to feed the rabid internutters something new every day …. here’s your challenge you mental midgets…. try to find something to offend yourselves in this rather sensible post ( you toxic twats )” – Facebook 13 May

From google is a classic from 2017 –

SOURCE: Newshub: Coronavirus: Auckland bar owner rages at Jacinda Ardern over alert level 2 rules, makes bizarre 'gay dungeon' claim