Headquarters Viaduct Bar – Leo Molloy

In a quick update, most of the rants and apology on the Headquarters Viaduct Bar are deleted. Who is Leo Malloy – read some of the links below and you will get a good idea.

Alison Mau: Champagne and homophobia on the menu at first party of a new era
Alison Mau Stuff.co.nz opinion piece discusses Leo Molloy and Molloy’s historical rants.

Profiles of Molloy, which pop up now and then when he’s in court on charges of breaching suppression in a murder trial, or publicly telling a television presenter he wishes she had never been born, or calling the bereaved father of a mine explosion victim a “craven” milker of the media spotlight, inevitably describe him as “outspoken”. I get the need to be polite in a national news publication, I really do, but as an adjective for Leo Molloy, that is the courtesy equivalent of a Cirque De Soleil contortionist act

Mikaela Wilkes writes in Stuff Why I’ll never go back to Leo Molloy’s HeadQuarters – this opinion piece reminds us of an incident in 2009.

In 2009, Molloy was forbidden from hosting any future Radio Live programmes alongside Māori Party co-leader John Tamihere, who is on the invite list for the HeadQuarter’s level 2 party.

Finally Molloy clearly is also no fan of the Prime Minister – Headquarters owner Leo Molloy says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ‘deserves to be harassed’ over COVID-19 response