Jacinda Adern to walk in the Auckland Pride Parade

Jacinda Ardern will cut the last rainbow ribbon to start the Auckland Pride Parade tonight.

Adern then will join the parade walking with the Labour Party. In the process she will make history as the 1st New Zealand Prime Minister to walk in the Auckland Pride Parade.

Ardern was reported in the NZ Herald as saying she couldn’t remember how many times she had walked in the parade before becoming Prime Minister but that it had been enough “to know I feel enormously proud that it’s an annual event”.

“The fact we live in a country where we shut down the streets to celebrate diversity, and that we can tell a generation of young people that they live in a place that is inclusive and supportive of who they are, is something I hope we keep doing. I know I will.”

SOURCE: Jacinda Ardern to become first Prime Minister to walk in Auckland's Pride Parade