Let’s Accentuate the Positive

“According to Stuff, the government and some members of the Labour Party aren’t keen on supporting a proposed policy for publicly funded access to hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery – because they don’t think it is an important enough issue for New Zealanders.

Mary Haddock-Staniland says she disagrees with this response for one reason only: society can only develop when the health challenges of all minorities are taken into consideration. Gender dysphoria is a classified medical disorder affecting an estimated 1.2% of our population. Like any minority, Kiwis who identify as transgender deserve a voice with our countries opinion leaders and policy makers.

Dismissing the proposal on the basis that it may not be seen as a priority to Labour voters is a predictable campaign decision, however the fact that Young Labour brought it up at all is a positive sign of societal change.

So let’s focus on that and keep the discussion going New Zealand. Only by talking openly and promoting education around these issues can our political parties, in power or not, move our country towards being enlightened role models on the global stage.”

Mary Haddock-Staniland is a name not unfamiliar to the New Zealand media landscape. She began her career in the media world with a radio station new in the Auckland market. Mary is known around the social scene as the queen of fabulous. She is a determined business executive, a talented MC/Host, a sassy Brand Ambassador, Key Note speaker and blogger.

SOURCE: Sex change surgery policy 'nutty'