Pardon Me Alan Turing – 1 to 4 March 2018 – Bats Theatre Wellington

On the 6th July in New Zealand and 31st January 2017 in the UK, gay men were posthumously pardoned under a new law, but is it that easy? Is this what these men deserve?

An eccentric Alan Turing, flamboyant Oscar Wilde and their modern day prince, meet across the centuries to ask those very questions. They are joined by a host of other colourful characters in this roller-coaster political comedy with bite. The real question to be asked though, can the slate ever be truly wiped clean?

The Creative Team

Pardon Me Alan Turing is Dare You Theatre’s inaugural production. It is featuring in the Auckland and Wellington Pride Festivals and the New Zealand Fringe Festival. A development season was positively received at the Auckland Pride, Fringe and the Rangatahi Festivals at Te Pou Theatre in 2017, Directed by Patrick Graham. Its founder, Producer and Writer, Stephen Lunt, is also an experienced producer for Fringe and other mediums.



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  • Presented by Dare You Theatre
  • 1 – 4 MARCH 2018 AT 9PM , $15-$22