Pride Pledge – Queenstown

The pride pledge is an initiative which aims to raise visibility for safe space in our communities. The focus is to raise awareness of the values of safety, inclusiveness, and health for all LGBTTQ+ (rainbow) people.

All people can participate in this: whether you are a rainbow person or not, as we all can make our support of the “rainbow” community visible in our workplaces, social spaces and any place where we connect with others.

The Pride Pledge was started in Queenstown, NZ, after the Winter Pride crew realised that, although the town had an inclusive heart, it was very difficult for rainbow people to see any visible signs that they were welcome and included. This was despite all the Winter Pride festival partners and businesses across the community being highly supportive of tolerance, love, and inclusion.

So how could we, as a community, show that we were serious about safety, visibility, and inclusion for all?

The answer, in part, was to visibly show our support for our core values; fly the flag, so to speak, and to link the flying of the flag to our core values as a community.

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