Join the call for the Government of New Zealand to modernise regulations around the donation of blood by queer men within our nation.

Queer Men want to give blood, Queer Men want to save lives

A petition to change New Zealand Blood Bank policy has been organised by Troy Mihaka, co-founder of Integrity New Zealand; and Luke Redward, queer rights advocate. Both are based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The background to the petition is below with the petition and more details on the petition website.

To treat heterosexual blood as “clean” while seeing homosexual blood as “dirty” is blatantly homophobic and is a clear disconnect from modern New Zealand. As wardens of our democracy, the Government should ensure that all New Zealanders are treated fairly and equitably.

We call on Parliament to immediately legislate, bringing the archaic blood regulations into the modern era.

Men who have sex with other men (MSMs) should have to wait no longer than the time required for HIV testing to be effective.

Queer men in long-term monogamous relationships should be free to donate, and not assumed to be promiscuous.

Read and sign the petition here.

SOURCE: Queer Men want to give blood, Queer Men want to save lives