Royal Flush by The Drag Kings –  21 to 24 March 2018 – Wellington

These jokers are wild! Fun, fruity and frolicsome, there’s nothing straight about ‘The DragKings’. Piss-taking, gender-faking and the odd bit of homage-making is what this troupe excell at. This brand NEW comedy cabaret from Wellington’s original drag king troupe will leave you in a right royal flush.

These seasoned Grand-Daddies of Drag have strutted their stuff at Downstage Theatre, Melbourne’s Mid-Summa Festival, the NZ International Comedy Festival, the Wellington Fringe Festival, International Drag King Festivals in USA and Australia, the Fringe Bar (even when it was The Blue Note), Auckland’s Flesh nightclub and lots of varying queer venues/bars/festivals throughout NZ/Aotearoa; including of course, the opening of any rainbow envelope.

There’s some closeted protection about the contents of ROYAL FLUSH, but if cardinals, bogans, 70’s soul groovers and a host of past icons tickle ya fancy then this show will certainly provide more than a full-deck!

The DragKings enjoy applying their unique, rainbow goggled perspective to the shows they craft. Inspiration comes from our straight and queer world and things they find funny/weird/worthy. Typically, their shows are packed with toe-tapping lip-syncing and dancing (hey, they’re happy to pretend to dance!), live chat (ups), AV filmy bits, live singing and even live breathing (sometimes).

Since they started performing in 2001, they’ve done hysterical parodies of ABBA, Sonny and Cher, Sam Hunt, Eminem, George Michael, Prince, Ozzie Osbourne and Sharon, Miss Piggy and Kermit,not to mention (yet we do) everyday blokes and women, animals and even inanimate objects. Isn’t it great to know nothing is safe?

Whatever or whoever they choose to portray, you can rest assured a show by these bods will veer recklessly from poor taste to relatable, to weird, to homage, to silly, to ‘out-there’ and beyond.

Some of this queer/lesbian/gender-fluid troupe do it for deeply personal reasons about their identities, some of them do it to challenge a mainly straight world, some do it for the love of performing, playing silly-buggers and making people laugh and/or think. All of ‘em do it because they get to perform in a queerly unique, visible, proud way and because they LOVE it!

The DragKings have not only been blessed with support from their rainbow community they’ve also enjoyed seeing growing numbers of straight, cool audience members at their shows too. Everyone is welcome. If you like laughing at funny stuff, you’ll love The DragKings.

  • More information:
  • DATES: 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th MARCH
  • TICKETS: Purchase via
  • VENUE: The Fringe Bar, Allen St, Wellington
  • START TIME: 8:30pm
  • RATING: 18+