Some Asian LGBT Find Refuge In New Zealand

The New Herald reported a rise in LGBT refugees coming to New Zealand from Asia. The article focused on individuals from two countries Indonesia, where there has been an increase in homophobic rhetoric by politicians and increasing arrests of LGBT people. The other country discussed was China.

The article quoted AUT University Associate Professor Sharyn Davies, who has studied gender and sexuality issues in Asia, says a “new category” of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) refugees coming from Indonesia and neighbouring countries was “sadly rising”.

Specifically, Davies has found that people from other countries made up under half of all same-sex couples in New Zealand in 2013. Then just four years later, 1785 same-sex couples from overseas have married in New Zealand.

That said, Davies doesn’t have the resources to count how many LGBTQ immigrants have come into the country through visas. And sadly, there is no available data on the subject beyond what Davies has found.

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Photo from Unsplash – Thanks unsplash-logoJeremy C