Stephen Berry ACT Party – Pharmac’s anti-HIV drug subsidy is an own goal for LGBT

Stephen Berry writing in The Spinoff asks with Truvada costing $900 a month, should Pharmac be subsidising it when generics are available for just $1 a day?

Berry’s key points are:

  • It is expensive – $900 a month versus generic PrEP at a cost of $1 a day ( NZAF suggest import cost of $50 a month – $2 a day and he also notes he doesn’t know the price that Pharmac has negotiated.
  • Not available to all gay men – “If you’re responsible with your sexual health, you don’t get the subsidy”.
  • This is the first time he has ever come across a government programme requiring you first use methamphetamine to get their help.
  • It is a campaign by left-wing activist groups for a taxpayer-funded gold class option. – He names these as Labour, the Greens and special interest groups (the special interest groups are now named).
  • Pharmac has a limited budget – the money could be better spent on other drugs.

Basically Berry is pushing “personal” responsibility – ACT values – and blaming the “bad” left wing groups for promoting drug use and casual sex without condoms.

You can read the full opinion piece here.

SOURCE: The Spinoff: Pharmac’s anti-HIV drug subsidy is an own goal for LGBT